Friday, 4 May 2007

Pitch me your idea then...

So you wanna make a movie eh?

How are you going to get funding?

What cash is out there simply waiting for you to get your eager mitts on so you can start developing that script, shooting it or editing it?

What if you have done all this already but just need that crucial distribution deal to get your film out there?

Your task is to find out...

So, do some research....use links to the right eg: uk film council, BBC films, channel 4's guide to making movies is a good place to start. Shane Meadows even has a few tips for you...

Be detailed, what different funds do the UK film council offer. How do you apply? Check out some of the forms....are they easy, what pre-requisites or limitations are there?

What about short films - is this easier to get funding for?

Bring you research and your pitch to class for Thursday 10 May!

Pitch to include:

  • genre (sub-genre)

  • tone and style

  • locations

  • themes explored

  • possible actors / key crew



shell said...

hey mr m is this for both classes? as we dont have media on the thursday is it in for the monday?? aargh so much work! michelle

Mr. M said...

Don't panic shell!
Thursday for one group is Friday for the other - whenever you have a Brit Cinema lesson - which in your case is Friday. Yikes!
Don't worry about the pitch bit too much but do try to get to the ukfilmcouncil site to find out about the various funds available to british filmmakers...just get clicking on those links...

EmilyB said...

i researched what is avaliable for young film makers and i found out at a young age of 14 with no qualifications you can go to Young Film Makers Academy!! if thats any good? check out all the details on the link below:

Mr. M said...

Nice one - thanks emilyb - you posted to the 'what i did in the holidays' task yet??