Thursday, 8 March 2007

Posting comments to the blog

As much as I love your cool alias' and pseudonyms that you post with could you please add your real name at the end of your comments.
That way I know who to address in both the virtual and real worlds.
Mr. M


Paul-Cook said...

Lewis Johnston (or Neo as he likes to call himself) You've been rumbled! He thought he was cool not giving anyone his details.

charlienoble said...

bit inappropiate paul. this blog is for film discussion only? you're in trouble. what did everyone think of hot fuzz?

Paul Cook said...

Apologies for that...Didn't realise the seriousness of Blogging... Hot Fuzz was classic Pegg/Frost comedy. A new British Comedy Institution which could quite easily, based on recent work (Music and Lyrics...ahem) replace the Hugh Grant/Working Title partnership...Who agrees?

Mr. M said...

Anyone spot a cameo by a famous New Zealand director in Hot Fuzz??

He was a huge inspiration for Pegg/Frost in the early 90's when they were finishing theatre/film school. Especially his splatstick cult classic Braindead...have you guessed yet?